5 New Hairstyles to Try This Year

The hairstyles you’ll be loving this coming season.

  1. Golden Blonde

Where 2016 saw the rise and fall of platinum blonde, 2017 will come wearing golden blonde locks, a silk scarf and those pumps you thought you lost.

2.The messy flip

Not only is it the perfect solution to 3rd day, drowning in dry shampoo type hair, the messy flip encapsulates the reoccurring grunge theme of SS17 and will hence be on the hearts, but more likely shoulders, of women every wear this season.



3. The corkscrew

Hailed as the best type of screw, the cork screw reinvents vintage in a way that has never (since the 80’s) been seen before. Not only will these curls amplify any vintage outfit, they’ll be able to spruce up any modern styles as well.

4. Extreme side part

As 2017 is a year of extremes  (I write as I finish my 10th tub of chocolate pudding, officially taking my cholesterol levels from ‘at risk’ to extreme’) why not spread the heart pumping (and maybe damaging) excitement to our favorite follicles? It seems 17′ is the year that the infamous center part is replaced by it’s adventure loving cousin, the extreme side part.


5. Jewelry

Yes, it’s Boho Byron Babes’ and Cute Coachella Chic’s love child- hair jewelry.

Perfect for: Festivals, camping, beach and every day wear

Not perfect for: The baggage check section of the airport




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