Quick and Easy Beauty Tips

101 -90 easy beauty tricks for flawless & natural beauty

  1. The easiest smokey eye ever

Use an eyeliner pen to scribble all over your eye lid (much like a two year old would). Next smudge it out with a dry finger and then use lip gloss to smudge it out even further and to give the look that SS17 glow.

2. A Balancing Act

To balance out undertones, such as purple/blue under eye circles, use a colour correcting primer. These primers should go on before foundation and come in different colours depending on the problem you want to colour correct. For example green balances out red tones (from acne or sunburn), whilst orange contradicts blue under eyes (this is because the two colours are opposites on the colouring wheel).

A colour correcting chart courtesy of teen.com
We recommend Urban Decays’ Skin Correcting Fluid ($46 AUD each)


Nyx’s Colour correcting palette ($48 AUD)







3. Its all in the foundation

Never apply foundation like a cream, to the whole of the face, instead apply it only on the area’s which need to be covered. Doing so will ensure a naturally flawless face, instead of one which looks flat and cakey.

Marie Claire shows us the flawless beauty of using foundation sparsely.


4. Location, location, location

Just like in real estate, the perfume game is all about location, location and location. Spray your favourite scent, behind your ears, in your hair, on your
elbows, down the back and on your belly button. These areas are considered pulse points and are where the veins are closer to the skin, hence creates more heat and amplifies the scent.

5. Trigonometry is key

We hate to be the bearer of the illuminati but flawless concealing requires the work of triangles and eyes. Instead of just applying concealer to the under eyes, draw a triangle shape, with the tip of the triangle being in line with the tip of the nose. Doing so brightens up the whole face and fools others/ yourself into believing your more awake.

Flawless concealing courtesy of Good Housekeeping

6. For acne

To conceal a pimple, first colour correct the area with a green based cream. Next apply foundation, then concealer and setting powder on top of the pimple so that it is the same shade as the rest of the skin. Last, but not least, apply a tiny more bit go concealer under the pimple to hide, the shadow it creates.


7. Brows and all things wonderful

To fill in brows use light feathery motions where it is closest to the bridge of the nose and start to gradually use harder strokes the further you go. Use a spooley to brush out the brows and to get rid of all harsh pen strokes. Next set with a brow gel (which will also make the brows look plumper) and then use concealer under the brow bone to highlight the area.

The perfect brows course of mixpy.com
We recommend: Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz ($45 AUD)


Nyx Micro Brow Pencil ($14 AUD)

8.  For the perfect eyelashes

When using fake lashes, try applying them under the eyelash instead of on top. Doing so will make the lash look more natural and will be less irritating to the eye.

9. Brown Mascara

If you want to look as natural as possible but still look like you have eyes, try using brown mascara instead of black. Brown mascara blends in better with the natural shade of lashes and hence looks much more like eyelashes themselves, especially if you use an eyelash comb to crush any clumps.


We recommend benefit Roller lash in brown ($42 AUD)

10. Moisturiser is king

For daytime, try mixing your foundation and moisturiser to create your own BB cream without buying any new product. You can decide how high coverage you want your BB cream to be, by simply adding more or less moisturiser.

11. Skip the contour

For a brighter, more glowing complexion skip the brown powder (which brings unnecessary darkness to the face) and instead amplify the natural shadows of the face by applying highlighter below the shadow created by the cheekbones.


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