Fashion People To Follow


Be ahead of the trends by following the designs and outfits of these fashionable people.




zinco-portraitLondon based fashion and fine jewellery designer Natasha Zinco creates enduring pieces which simultaneously adhere to and outlast trends. Zinco, formerly from Ukraine, is one of the most talked about young designers today and, with her ability to showcase the female figure in unprecedented ways, Zinco will be on the hearts and minds of fashionable people everywhere for a very long time.  Plus, she shows an uncanny resemblance to a Disney princess / the women of our dreams.
Some of Natasha Zinco’s Designs:




Currently inspired by romantic punk, Magda Burtym puts ‘soul’ into each and every one of her pieces, which just happen to be paraben, gluten and sugar free as well. Oh and their also hand made.

 The designer, originally from Poland, has the gift of making any print/cut/outfit look edgy with a ‘not-been-done-before’ vibe. Her eye for, and ability to create fashion has already worn off on celebrities like Chrissy Teigen and Jordan Dunn, who are often snapped wearing Magda’s self titled label.





Proclaimed by Vogue as one of the most fashionable people in the world, Yasmin Sewell has a unique eye for trend and upcoming designers. It was Yasmin who transformed small, undiscovered brands like  Christopher Kane and J.W Anderson into world-wide success stories. Sewell, who is originally from Sydney (despite this being only a small portion of the designers life, we will lap it up feverishly) is not afraid to experiment with fashion and it is this which sets her apart from all else. Keep up to date with what Yasmin Sewell is wearing and you’ll know what everyone else will be wearing in 3 or 4 months.










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