5 High End Pieces Everyone Should Own

Make every head turn right now with these luxury items…

  1. A Smoking Jacket 

    Yves Saint Laurent – Le Smoking single-breasted wool jacket ($3,135 AUD)

Wear it with: Jeans and Loafers

Wear it with: A velvet pencil skirt

Wear it with: An overwhelming sense of pride.

2. A Leather Jacket

Magda Butrym – Baltimore Jacker ($1900.00)

Wear it with: An a-line skirt

Wear it with: Mom jeans and/or skinny jeans

3. Trench Coat 

Burberry – Cotton Gabardine Trench Coat ($3,150 AUD)

Wear it with: Over the knee suede boots and an off the shoulder mini dress

Wear it with: Jeans and a button down

Wear it with: Inevitable salsa stains

4. Gucci Loafers

Gucci Princetown Leather Slipper ($715 AUD)

Wear it with: Loose fitting shorts and a thin belt

Wear it with: Skinny jeans and a white button down

5. Blue x Le Boy Chanel 

Chanel Medium Caviar ($8,302.91 AUD)

Wear it with: LITERALLY anything, this bag is great in its ability to make friends with all items of clothing.



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