6 Easy Fashion Rules to Swear By

Get a wardrobe you’ll love with these quick, simple and super easy tips!

  1. Don’t always follow trends (if you dont like them)

Trends are great, their what makes fashion fashionable and what allows high end pieces to be translated onto the streets. But, where some people fit particular trends like (super chic) gloves,  some trends don’t make other people feel comfortable and confident. And that’s a-ok. All bodies were created different and if a trend doesn’t make you feel confident in your own body, ditch it and don’t look back. After all life is short, wear what makes you happy, not just necessarily what everyone else is.

In the words of Nina Garcia (or Nina the Great),”Trends come and go. Own them and make them your own. If it doesn’t feel right, then don’t feel like you need to dress a certain way just to be trendy.”

Nina Garcia showing us the beauty of wearing your own personal style.

2. Make Sure It Fits!

Just like Solange once told me, first impressions are everything. Making a good one is key to achieving personal and professional goals, like finally getting that gold star you were promised in the third grade. My Tip: Become friends with a really good (hopefully cheap) tailor (or sailer), because even cheap clothes can look golden if they fit your body perfectly.

Olivia Palermo exemplifies the magic of clothes that conform to the body.

   3. Invest in non-trendy/ versatile pieces

Investing in high end pieces means one thing: your officially eligable for up to one month of arrogance or even an extended period of narcissism if your clothes never go out of fashion (Go us!). Invest in pieces that aren’t trendy, but are definitely versatile, (such as a good leather jacket) so that when the trend dies your not left broke and/or broken.

We Recommend: Cropped cotton-blend pique blazer by  Marc Jacobs ($280 AUD)


4. Show skin where it’s not expected to be shown

As french hunk, Caroline De Maigret, once telegraphed me, showing skin where it’s not expected to be shown is an easy eye-catcher (and holder) and can add a dollop of sexy to any outfit.  As shown by hers truely:

Caroline De Maigret showing the sexy/mysterious look that can be achieved by showing what is not expected.

5. Experiment with textures 

Differing textures can take any outfit from a  6/10 to a solid 9.3/ 10 (points deducted for lack of Hannah Montana merch). A variation on textures (say a faux fur jacket with denim jeans) can make any outfit stand out and will make the person wearing them %110 spunky (maths proves it.) Tip: If you feel like your outfit is missing something, try switching up the textures of a piece (for example switch out your denim jacket for a silk bomber.)

Pictured: Emily Ratajkowski showing the power of mixed fabrics.

6. A touch of contrast 

As exemplified by carrot cake, contrasting things can be matched together in holy matrimony. One of these things is differentiating style. Mix ‘n’ match different themes (such as casual and polished) to trick yourself into believing you have a bigger closet + unique outfits + Ryan Gosling said it looked good one you.

Jessica Alba teaching us to Mix ‘n’ Match

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