Left to Right: Christian Dior, Burberry
The Milan SS17 show this year seemed to denounce womanhood in the search for becoming the ultimate ‘working women.’ Yet fashion houses Dior and Burberry showed the masculinity of femininity in their SS 17 line-up.
 Themes: Designers Raf Simons, of Dior, and Christopher Bailey, of Burberry, found the balance between the it- girl and the working women in their Milan line-ups. In both collections each designer drew parallels between these opposing dimensions, creating pieces which payed respect to the masculinity, prominent through most SS17 shows, through distinct expressions of femininity.
Clothes: Both Simons and Bailey conveyed their ode to femininity through slim fitting, high-waist trousers  which, accentuate the slim waistline iconic to a woman’s body.Yet the designers did not stop there, through statement pieces, such as capes, broad shoulders paired floral skirts and defining pant suits, Simons and Bailey created a facade of masculinity, symbolizing the power of femininity. The result came in the form of a synthesis between feminism and femininity.
Each line up created an intricate paradox, in which the it girl became the working women and where the masculinity of a ‘mans world’ was achieved through subtle yet distinct expressions of feminity.

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