Balenciaga, Stella McCarteny and Loewe rebelled against the female figure during this years’ Paris Fashion Week.
Left to right: Stella McCartney, Balenciaga and Loewe
Fashion: Whilst all three designers adhered to neutral, uni-sex colors,
McCartney and Anderson seemed to reject the female figure all together.  Using looks of over sized coats and loose fitting pants,both designers eliminated the curves unique to a women’s body. The clothes encapsulated the successful working woman in ‘a mans world,’ the women who grew tired of trying to please them. So she joined them. The result; A line- up tired of femininity and embracing feminism.
Demna Gvasalia of Balenciaga adhered to the same motif. Although continuing to accentuate a slim waistline, Gvasalia transformed petite bodies into broad shouldered, neutral colored men. It seems through her use of grey, undefined pieces, Gvasalia warns of this adaption, weary of losing the unique aspects of womanhood to this transition.
Nonetheless all three designers challenged the perception of women’s bodies and in doing so these three shows epitomized the over-arching theme of Milan SS17.

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