From Runway to Closet: The Most Translatable Pieces of Paris Fashion Week

20+ looks to invest in right now!


Spring Makeup Routine!


  1. Nars Radiance Primer 

I tend to follow two motto’s in life:

  1. Cadburry Creme Eggs are an all-year round treat
  2. The dewy-er the better

Although slightly pricey, Nars’ new radiance primer gives your skin a sun kissed glow and it’s still significantly cheaper than a trip to Cabo.

  2. Yves Saint Laurent Le Teint Touche Eclat 

Like all great things, the (almost) new Yves Saint Laurent foundation is soft, buttery and smoothes onto the skin for an all over naturally blurred effect,

3. Mac Pro Long-wear Concealer 

One word: Yes.

Follow up word/s: Full coverage with just a tiny amount of product

4. Stila All Day Waterproof Liquid Liner in Brown

Stila’s new liner brings the best of both worlds: combining the staying power of a gel liner with the easability* of a pen applicator.

  • a word I made up just then meaning easy to apply

5. Kevin Aucoin Curling Mascara

Described as ‘falsies in a bottle’ by many people (me), Kevin Aucoin’s new mascara may be the best thing to happen to my lashes since …

6. Revlon Color Stay 16 hr Eyeshadow

With colours that suit every eye colour and it’s (surprisingly) good pigment, the Revlon Color Stay has quickly become one of my fav. everyday eye shadow quad. Whats even better is that its cheap, so I can afford it! Go me!





Three Books You’ll Love

Three Books You’ll Love
  1. Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

Heralded as the best thing to come out of the 50’s since the Hoola Hoop, Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 describes a post modern version of America, in which books are outlawed for their ability to create unhappiness and discord. Guy Montage, a fireman stuck in an happy marriage, dedicates his career to seeking out the lethal novels threatening his happiness.

Bradbury’s novel cuts to the root of humanities subliminal desire to be c17800021_447707442232898_3671288935445715439_nontrolled by the ever present media, easily accessible drugs or overbearing government.

2. His Bloody Project by Graeme Macrae Burnet

“A brutal triple murder in the Scottish Highlands leads to the arrest of a 17 year old boy. The boy’s confession to the crime makes it clear that he is guilty. Only the country’s best legal and psychiatric minds stand between the accused and the gallows.”

Recording the life of Roderick Macrae, Burnet delivers us a true story of how madness can manifest itself in the lives of even the most ordinary people.

3. The Boy Who Was Raised as a Dog: And Other Stories From a Child Psychiatrist Notebook by Dr. Bruce D. Perry

Although the name sounds distinctly like the title of a new Disney movie, don’t be deceived. The Boy who Was Raised as a Dog, is one of my all time favorite books. Perry tells the story of children who have ‘witnessed unimaginable horrors’ from genocide survivors, murder witnesses, victims of kidnapping or domestic abuse…

Bruce D. Perry highlights the effect of trauma on a developing mind whilst demonstrating how the brain adapts to different circumstances. Combining compassion with rehabilitation, Perry shares the children’s heartfelt journey to recovery.



5 New Hairstyles to Try This Year

The hairstyles you’ll be loving this coming season.

  1. Golden Blonde

Where 2016 saw the rise and fall of platinum blonde, 2017 will come wearing golden blonde locks, a silk scarf and those pumps you thought you lost.

2.The messy flip

Not only is it the perfect solution to 3rd day, drowning in dry shampoo type hair, the messy flip encapsulates the reoccurring grunge theme of SS17 and will hence be on the hearts, but more likely shoulders, of women every wear this season.



3. The corkscrew

Hailed as the best type of screw, the cork screw reinvents vintage in a way that has never (since the 80’s) been seen before. Not only will these curls amplify any vintage outfit, they’ll be able to spruce up any modern styles as well.

4. Extreme side part

As 2017 is a year of extremes  (I write as I finish my 10th tub of chocolate pudding, officially taking my cholesterol levels from ‘at risk’ to extreme’) why not spread the heart pumping (and maybe damaging) excitement to our favorite follicles? It seems 17′ is the year that the infamous center part is replaced by it’s adventure loving cousin, the extreme side part.


5. Jewelry

Yes, it’s Boho Byron Babes’ and Cute Coachella Chic’s love child- hair jewelry.

Perfect for: Festivals, camping, beach and every day wear

Not perfect for: The baggage check section of the airport



Shades of Grunge to 60’s Pastel: SS17 Beauty

The makeup trends that will makes waves this season
A Halo of Colour:
From Kenzo, to Marques Almeida colour coated almost ever runway in this years SS17 lineups. However, where Takada Kenzo used burst of colors around the eyes and lips to draw summer onto his models
Pictured: Kenzo, London Fashion Week 2016
Marques Almeida used soft colors and plenty of highlighter to bring the 1960’s themed 2016 into the grunge-clad world of ss17.
Pictured: Marques Almeida, London Fashion Week 2016

Glossy Eyes: 
Adding to the growing grunge hysteria of SS17 is Georgine Ratelband and Chris Roshia of fashion label Georgine. Among other, Georgine’s use of lip-gloss on eyes redefined the long-standing smokey eye for the perfectly messy ‘smudged’ eye.

Backstage at Georgine, New York Fashion Week 2016. Photo Credit:Fashion Trend

Messy Lips:
It wasn’t until Milan that the fashion world showed its true colors. It was here, in the global capital of  fashion, that designer Andres Caballero of San Andres Milano challenged the precise lip famous in the beauty community, for one which perfectly encapsulates the raucous, narcotic world of grunge- The result: The Messy Lip.
San Andres Milano for Milan Fashion Week. Photo credit to Cosmopolitan Magazine.